Over-The-Sink Shelf

Kitchen’s are a busy place and the sink area is quite likely the main area of clutter that you’ll have to deal with in any kitchen. Not only do they collect all the dirty pots and pans and whatever else you may have been cooking with, but sometimes they get piled high. You can alleviate some of this and make getting to all those little necessities to clean up this area a little easier and dress it up at the same time. How? By using an over the sink shelf!

An over-the-sink shelf is simple, adds storage, and reduce clutter in the kitchen.

over-the-sink shelfThese handy little shelves come in a variety of styles to fit just about any sink area. From single-tiered to 2-tier Over-the-Sink shelves, you’ll have plenty of room to store those knick-knacks as well as cleaning supplies like dish soap and scrubbers. On ours, we’ve got some clean dish rags, a couple of pot scrubbers, some Dawn dish detergent, some hand soap for cleaning your hands and a pretty little rooster vase. Simple, but does the trick.

They’ll typically fit all single sinks but most of them will stretch wide enough to cover double sinks, just check their dimensions to the dimensions of your sink to make sure. Not only that, these days, they are made out of just about everything from wood to wrought iron. They can be a simple, plain wood shelf to an elegantly scrolled wrought iron piece. They may even be a combination of the two where the hardware is a scrolled iron and the actual shelf is wood.

Here’s 3 that we like that:

Lipper International Bamboo Over-The-Sink Shelf
First up is over-the-sink shelf from Lipper International. We like to think that we are a little eco-conscious, at least we try to be and this one fits the bill. Unfortunately, it’s not one that we have currently in our kitchen, as we didn’t see it till later, but if you like to stay green in the kitchen then this one’s for you. This model is constructed out of bamboo, and we all know how great bamboo is being a renewable resource and all. It’s simple too. Fits right at the back of the sink and stands a good 9 inches tall so you’ll be able to see what you are grabbing for. Setups a breeze and it holds up to water very, very well. We checked around and you can pick this model up for less than $15 at most places.

Over the Sink Kitchen Center
Next up comes this one by Emson. This is more of a center than a shelf but has some outstanding concepts built into it. First up, it’s a shelf, but it’s a bigger shelf. This one has a whole half inch more depth than the previous so it gives you more room for wider things. Next, it grabbed one great concept and incorporated it with a wire shelf that hangs underneath. This is just awesome to store all those wet scrubbers and sponges in so they dry properly. The one thing that we don’t like about it though is when it tried to do even more by adding a towels dispenser underneath the shelf. The reason you got the shelf was to free up some room, not make space for something underneath. This could have been better handled as an upright feature off the side versus underneath the actual shelf in our opinion.

Supreme Chrome Over the Sink Kitchen Shelf
The Supreme Kitchen Shelf fits right over the back of the sink and is our ultimate space-saver! Beautifully designed in chrome and birch, it’s form and function all in one plus goes with a ton of other items in our kitchen. This ones perfect for holding sponges, plants, soaps and more, and helps to keep us well organized around the kitchen sink. It’s manufactured of chromed steel and has a birch wood shelf insert with no assembly required. We’ve also got a couple of curtain hooks attached to the wire mesh to hang wash cloths from so they dry good.

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